Trying to keep your house cool during the summer months is quite difficult without central air conditioning. You would have to close your curtains and/or set up window air conditioners, which are heavy and loud.

Here at Valiant Air Solutions, we offer professional air conditioning installation in Lone Tree, CO. We do it with no hassle, and we always keep you informed on our progress. You will be happy with your decision to install a central air system once you realize you can live in absolute comfort during Colorado’s summer temperatures, which can get up over 100°F.

Valiant Air Solutions can help with your air conditioning installation in Lone Tree, CO. Never had a central air install before? We have you covered if you want to study up before making a decision.

What to Know about Air Conditioners

What is a ‘Ton’ of Cooling?

In today’s standards, a ton of cooling, or refrigeration, refers to any unit that can produce 12,000 BTUs/hour of cooling. This is the general consensus, and typically small air systems run about two tons of cooling, while larger ones run about five tons of cooling. This can be very helpful when choosing the size of the AC you would like installed. The more BTUs, the more area the cooling can cover, but if you have too big of an AC for your house, then you will be running up a costly bill that could burn holes in your pockets. Our trained air conditioning technicians will make sure you have the right AC unit for your home so you can keep your house running at optimal temperatures.


Your new HVAC system will be able to do a good job at keeping your house cool, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to ventilate. It is recommended that you ventilate your home about every four hours, but this depends on the type of house and how new the home is. A newer home is tighter, which will require more ventilation, while an older home may have leaks that will ventilate for you. Valiant Air Solutions will make sure everything is running perfectly when we perform your air conditioning installation in Lone Tree, CO.


Humidity is the main reason why air conditioners were created. Humidity can cause all sorts of problems, from bad health issues to mold. Keeping your house cool and dehumidified is our main concern at Valiant Air Solutions. Our air conditioner installation may be the only thing that saves you from the scorching heat and heavy humidity. Overall, you will be feeling much more comfortable in the summers, likely more than you have ever felt before.

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When it’s summer outside, your home can be your oasis, but only with the right technology. Air conditioning installation in Lone Tree, CO, is easier than ever, and our trained technicians will make your home a much more comfortable place to be. Scheduling an appointment with us is as easy as clicking a few buttons or calling.

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