Installing a new central air unit or air conditioner in your residence or business can be a pain. Not only can ductwork be difficult for experienced professionals, but properly setting up and operating a functional central air unit can be incredibly complex.

Don’t do it alone. Instead, turn to the experts at Valiant Air Solutions who can help you pick out a new HVAC unit that will suit your heating and cooling needs and help you install it at a low cost. Everything from the proper ductwork to the proper BTUs will be calibrated to maximize your cooling potential and save you money

Installing a New Air Conditioner

You may still be fumbling around with that old AC unit, opting to repair instead of replacing. We encounter this a lot, but what a lot of our customers don’t understand is how much they can save on monthly utility bills and earn back with an energy efficient system.

Unfortunately, installing a new central air unit requires a lot of work. At Valiant Air Solutions, we will not only install your new system but provide a routine maintenance check that ensures proper refrigerant levels are being utilized and air flow quality remains safe.  

Fast and Friendly Air Conditioning Installation

When you hire Valiant Air Solutions for air conditioning installation, you’re not just hiring another contractor. You’re hiring a trusted neighborhood company who always greet you with a smile and treat your home or business with the utmost respect. It’s one of the many reasons Parker residents turn to us for HVAC services.  

Save Money on Installation at Valiant Air Solutions

Best of all, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on unnecessary labor. All projects align with your needs and are carried as best as we can according to schedule and the circumstances.

We also offer additional services, including AC unit repair and replacement to residents of Parker, Colorado. For more information about our services or to schedule a maintenance call be sure contact us today!