Buying a new AC system isn’t cheap. For that reason, you might be hesitant to pay maintenance costs after you already spent money buying the unit in the first place. But it’s also the best reason why regular maintenance is worth it. After all, it’s a lot cheaper to maintain a working air conditioner than it is to replace a broken one.

If you’re looking for air conditioning maintenance in Castle Pines, CO, Valiant Air Solutions is here to help. Our experienced AC technicians know exactly what to look for to guarantee your air conditioning unit is running as well as it can. They also know the warning signs of a system nearing the end of its lifespan, and they have all the most up-to-date information to help you decide what to do when it comes time to replace your air conditioner.

Don’t wait until it gets to that point to speak with an AC professional, though. Here are three reasons it’s a good idea to keep up with your AC service regardless of how new or old it might be.

Why Air Conditioner Maintenance Is Important

  1.   It Will Save You Money

As noted above, the cost of maintaining an air conditioner is often a lot less expensive than the cost of replacing one. But that’s not the only way regular AC maintenance can save you money. A malfunctioning or inefficient unit will often use more electricity while delivering much less cool air than it should. That means you’re paying a higher bill with less to show for it. Even something as simple as a new filter can lower your AC’s energy usage by 20%.

  1.   It Prolongs Your AC’s Life

If you really want to avoid paying for a whole new AC system, the solution isn’t to run your current one into the ground without ever investing into its maintenance. You may think the money you’re saving will be better utilized on the inevitable replacement unit. But the truth is that a well-maintained air conditioner can last well beyond its expected lifespan. In fact, it’s estimated that regularly maintained units last up to three times longer than neglected ones.

  1.   It Improves Air Quality

Providing some much-needed relief on a hot summer day is just one benefit that a functioning AC system provides. Another thing that air conditioners do, though, which many people overlook, is actually improve our homes’ indoor air quality. A poorly maintained unit, conversely, can do just the opposite. For example, it’s not uncommon for a neglected AC system to build up bacteria and even mold inside. On the flipside, a well-maintained air conditioner can actually help reduce airborne allergens.

Reliable Air Conditioning Maintenance in Castle Pines, CO

Staying current with your air conditioning maintenance in Castle Pines, CO, is an investment that pays off in many ways. Getting an AC professional to ensure your unit is working at peak capacity is a proactive step you won’t regret. The last thing you need when it’s the middle of summer and temperatures are at their highest is an air conditioner on the fritz.

Valiant Air Solutions is here to help provide you peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a Valiant Air technician. We have a strong AC service record in the Castle Pines area, and we would love to help you.