Denver reached 105 degrees in June on the same day that Phoenix, Arizona, only reached 104 degrees. That data can be interpreted a couple of ways, but mostly that means that you’re really going to need air conditioning this year. Those little whirring noises and clunking sounds that your AC unit is making might be death rattles. It can’t die on you now! Make sure to keep your HVAC system and air conditioning in tip-top shape by reaching out to Valiant Air to schedule one of our many AC unit care services now, before it’s too late.

Control Your Temperature

At Valiant Air, we intend to be your courageous heroes who can beat back the dragon of summer heat with careful, calculated air conditioning repair and installation. With more than 30 combined years of experience, we know to bring every part and we can ensure you’re aware of the options regarding the continued functionality of your AC unit. As the Colorado weather gets progressively warmer and that mile-high sun becomes even more unforgiving, the advent of temperature control becomes so much more important than it once was. We’re equipped to field every issue with your air conditioner, whether it’s in need of repair, replacement, or you’re getting a fresh system to make your home into a clean, cold oasis; we’re prepared to help with your every need.

Manage Your Air Quality

Your temperature quality and control isn’t the only part of your air quality that matters in the summer. Taking your indoor air quality into consideration can help you control the allergens and make a huge difference for folks with respiratory issues. The experts at Valiant Air can evaluate your home’s layout, your potential health issues, and your budget to find the proper filter for your residence. Together, we can create a home air system that is calibrated to keep you cool and healthy throughout the entire year. Reach out to us with any questions and inquiries you have with regard to our air conditioning services and air filter evaluations.