home furnace problems

It has come to be expected when you walk into someone’s home (and particularly, your own home) in the winter: you will instantly be greeted by warm, comforting air that takes the bite right out of the chill in the air. However, what if you returned home one frigid day and found your home to be almost as cold as it was outside?

You would immediately know something was wrong with your furnace. Maybe you have never dealt with such an issue before. Problems with home furnaces are relatively rare, but they become more common the older your furnace gets. Once a furnace reaches 15 years old, things can start breaking down.

When that happens and you need heating repair in Aurora or our other service areas nearby in Colorado, Valiant Air will be there for you. So, how will you know you need a heating service like us? Let’s explain. Here are four common home furnace problems you may come across as your furnace ages.

Clogged Air Filter

This is one we see frequently. Clean air filters allow furnaces to blow warm air throughout the house, but clogged filters obviously block that air from moving. If the warmth provided by the furnace cannot move around a home and instead stays inside the furnace, the unit will become too warm. As a result, it will turn off, and the house will become chilly rather quickly. Clogged air filters can simply be cleaned or switched out for new ones. You can do this yourself after turning your furnace off. If you are not comfortable attempting it, remember that Valiant provides reliable furnace repair in Greenwood Village, and we will be happy to come to you and help!

Ignition Issues

Another common furnace problem we see here at Valiant is the ignition on the unit itself not working properly. Older heating systems feature pilot lights that always need to be burning for the heat to work. If it was blown out, it may just need to be relit. If you have a newer furnace with an electronic ignition, and the furnace is not working, it is possible the sensor inside the furnace has become dirty. In this case, it will need to be cleaned before the furnace will work properly again.

Heat Exchanger Cracks

As professionals of HVAC repair in Centennial, CO, we understand that, sometimes, furnace problems occur that are slightly more serious than the average dirty air filter. More complex issues, such as a crack in the furnace’s heat exchanger, are more complex and could actually be considered emergencies depending on the situation. That’s because a cracked heat exchanger lets the furnace’s burned gases seep into the home. Those gases include carbon monoxide, which can injure or kill the occupants of a home without warning, as it is a colorless, odorless gas. If you detect any problems at all in your home’s heating system, and you have reason to suspect a cracked heat exchanger could be the issue, call Valiant Air immediately, and we will work to diagnose and correct the problem.

Thermostat Issues

The final problem on this list lies with the thermostats that we use to control how our furnaces operate. It might not seem like that important of a problem, but a faulty thermostat can cause some real trouble for you. From your furnace not heating your home to the temperature you selected to the furnace cycling on and off frequently, a bad thermostat can generate excessive heating bills that really add up. The problem may lie in the thermostat’s interior being dusty or otherwise dirty, or the thermostat’s wiring being old and unreliable. Whatever the case, if you think your furnace problem may be with your thermostat, let Valiant Air know, and we will come by and check it out.

Reliable HVAC Repair Services

There are numerous other issues that could arise to plague your furnace, but these four are among the most common. Of course, we at Valiant Air have seen a lot over the years. Our technicians are experts at diagnosing furnace issues and recommending the correct repairs. It is all done with the customer in mind, and we are happy that customers trust us with their furnace repair in Highlands Ranch and beyond.

If you have been experiencing furnace issues in your home, contact Valiant Air to let us know what the issue is. We will inform you of the best recourse and get your home back to warmth as quickly as possible.