Spring is the time of year for cleaning and cleansing. You want to purge everything from clogging up with dirt and dust, including your furnace. This is why taking the necessary precautions earlier rather than later will save you in the long run. You want it to endure the winter without any issues. No longer should you have to worry, and we at Valiant Air Solutions are prepared to provide you with assistance. 

Being American Standard HVAC dealers, Valiant Air professionals are proud partners with the American Standard brand. We are well-qualified to provide you top-level customer care, as we have vast knowledge in every area of heating and cooling. For decades, Valiant Air has been dedicated to our clients, as we have had many happy customers throughout the state of Colorado. If you are looking for furnace maintenance services particularly, we will set you down the right path with the best guidance. 

How to Maintain Your Furnace in the Spring

While essential to the stability of your home, it can be challenging to perform continual furnace upkeep. Valiant Air Solutions understands, and we have practices to assist you, which you can implement yourself. You can even call one of our several locations for information regarding our heating system services

1.) Change Your Furnace Filter

When the air filter remains unserviced, it will become obstructed by debris, preventing air from passing through. The lack of airflow will trap the heat in the system, and this causes the furnace to overheat each time it tries to start. Changing it regularly, especially at the beginning of spring, will extend your furnace’s life. It even contributes to better indoor air quality

2.) Properly Shut It Down

After winter, there isn’t much of a need to keep your furnace running. Powering it down and switching your thermostat can be forgotten in the busy days of the spring. You can save energy, while, at the same time, you are reducing the costs of your heating bills. You will save money by making just a small change to your spring cleaning checklist. 

3.) Clean the Area Around the Furnace

Easily becoming a fire hazard, anything flammable should be kept away from your heating unit. Leave room of at least two feet around the space of the furnace, as paints, oils, rags, or clothes are ignitable. Too many items could lead to efficiency, performance, and functionality problems. 

4.) Check Your Thermostat

Look at the battery on your thermostat every spring. If you don’t, it could become weak and lead to the temperatures to fluctuate inside your home, which could affect billing costs. You should consider swapping the battery, as you prepare to use your air conditioning in the warmer months. 

Committed Furnace Maintenance Services

Valiant Air Solutions has professionals who have the skills and equipment required to get the job done. They are courteous and respectful to all requesting their expertise. The spring offers great opportunities to clean out and repair your furnace to ensure it is ready by the time winter comes. Be sure to put it on your agenda this season, as it more than likely could use some sprucing. 

Schedule your annual furnace maintenance with us today! Don’t hesitate to call and contact us to receive optimal care from our HVAC professionals.