health benefits of air conditioning

As it gets hotter, the more the summer heat tries to creep its way inside. These stuffy conditions can easily infiltrate every part of your home. Leading to heat strokes, difficulty breathing, and polluted air, warming temperatures, and poor indoor air quality can impact your overall health as well. Thankfully, air conditioning provides a constant circulation of refreshing and cooling air and benefits your well-being.

Over 30 years of experience, the technicians at Valiant Air Solutions are American Standard dealers and have provided air conditioning services to all throughout Colorado. Recognizing the brutal weather of the summer months, we understand that your home is an escape from the humidity. Air conditioning gives you the relief you need, while also circulating safe and clean air to every corner of your home. Let’s get into how air conditioning can better your health, as we have detailed its key advantages below! 

What are the Health Benefits of Air Conditioning?

Before, you may not have realized the value of air conditioning other than regulating the temperature of your home. Here are the health benefits you have been receiving from your air conditioner without even knowing.

1.) Helps with Respiratory Issues

Challenging respiratory problems including asthma make it unpleasant to breathe. A permanent condition, a well-maintained air conditioning system can alleviate your symptoms and make them less serious. It removes the contaminants and particulates that can cause an asthma attack. Air conditioning improves your home’s indoor air quality. Alongside asthma, it also can prevent chemical flumes, which can permeate the air and weaken your health.

2.) Improves Seasonal Allergies

Awakening your allergies, the spring and summer seasons heighten their severity. Fortunately, air conditioners act as heat regulators and can ease your suffering. They can prevent bacteria, mold, or mildew from finding their way inside. Air filters can catch additional dust, pollen, and irritants, producing higher air quality throughout your home. Balanced humidity will also ensure there are fewer chances of allergens forming inside. 

3.) Prevents Heat Stress and Strokes

Many problems associated with heat stress and strokes come from escalating temperatures within your home. Warm weather conditions can be hard on the heart and affect your body heat, putting you at increased risk to develop low blood pressure, fast heart rate, dizziness, and even dehydration. Air conditioners can cool you down and reduce strains on your heart and body. 

4.) Provides Comfort and Eases Sleep

A too hot or cold environment interferes with the body’s ability to naturally regulate its temperature. Body temperature is a vital factor in getting a good night’s rest. In the summer, many want to be greeted by a cool blast of air, and this includes when trying to fall asleep. Air conditioning helps you to become more comfortable and provides you with some stress relief and solace to drift off into sleep. 

Supportive Air Conditioning Services

Summer brings along enough pressures of its own, but with proper ventilation, you can take on its scalding heat, while also having it positively affecting your health. Regularly supplying fresh air, conditioners help with circulation, remove unwanted particulates, and relieve your home from other harmful pollutants. With us at Valiant Air Solutions, we can create a home air system that keeps you protected and healthy.

Let Valiant Air Solutions be your knights in shining armor this summer to not only protect you from the heat but to provide you with dependable air conditioning services. Contact us today!