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When it comes to caring for your air conditioning unit in the winter, many people tend to forget it exists entirely. However, ignoring your AC before it gets warm can result in unprecedented malfunctions and costly repairs. With spring on the way and summer soon after now is the perfect time to ensure your air conditioning unit is ready.

Springtime brings a lot of great things, such as warmth and new greenery. However, it’s also prime time for a variety of allergens. This, on top of a dusty, poorly maintained air conditioning unit, could wreak havoc on your health. Don’t let dust and pollen create a sick and miserable household. The following four steps can ensure your air conditioning system is prepared for spring.

Clean Out Dirt and Debris

Lawn care during the winter is usually the last thing on your mind, which means leaves, branches, and other debris have built up in and out of your exterior AC unit. The first step in preparing your system for spring is to clean out your AC system. All of the excess dirt and debris will cause your air conditioning to work harder to pump out cold air, resulting in higher energy bills and potential damage. 

While cleaning up exterior dirt and leaves, ensure there is at least 1 foot of clearance around the unit. This will give it the necessary airflow to efficiently cool your home. Once you’re done, be sure also to vacuum the fins to remove all the smaller dust particles. You also want to clean out your air ducts, as any dust and allergens that get caught in them will circulate throughout your home once the system is on.

Do a Trial Run

Since you most likely haven’t turned your AC on since the early fall, it’s a good idea to turn it on for a trial run before the weather gets too warm. Once everything is clean, run your air conditioning for about 30 minutes to an hour to see how everything functions. This trial run allows you to detect anything abnormal so you can get it repaired before it becomes a dire issue later in the summer. 

If any issues are detected, whether it’s as small as an odd sound or as significant as the system not turning on at all, our HVAC company will address all of your concerns.

Change The Air Filter

Changing your air filter regularly is a must for any HVAC system. A worn-out filter will allow unwanted particles into the air of your home, triggering allergies and causing damage to your AC. Spring is the perfect time to replace your filter, as it will ensure your home has incredible air quality and that your system will run without a hitch. When in use, your air filter should be changed every 3-4 weeks. If this is something you’ve been neglecting, make sure it’s high on your spring to-do list!

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

At Valiant Air, we understand how vital it is to have a functioning AC unit in the warmer months. That is why we cannot stress enough the importance of scheduling preventative air conditioning maintenance with our team. Even with following all the steps above, you never know what low-lying issues could be present. When you have a professional inspect your system, you can turn the AC on knowing it is ready to last throughout the hottest summer days.

Our trained HVAC technicians can quickly identify early signs of major issues and will treat your unit before you even know there was a problem. Your HVAC unit is an expensive and necessary system in your home. By taking care of it early, you can guarantee clean air and cool temperatures all summer long. Contact Valiant Air to schedule springtime maintenance today.