Do you remember when the last time you did maintenance on your HVAC unit? While maintenance is extremely important to ensure that your unit is working the best it can, many of us end up neglecting to get AC maintenance in Castle Pines. If it’s been over a year since the last time your HVAC unit has had maintenance work, August is a great time to get it taken care of. This helps take care of your AC after running all summer and prepares your heating system for cold weather. 

Follow these tips for August HVAC maintenance to make sure your unit will run smoothly all year. 

Clean Out Your Air Filters

By the time August rolls around, your air conditioning has likely been running for at least two months. Depending on the weather, you might need your AC until well into September. During this time, the air filters in your air conditioning unit have collected months worth of dirt. Air conditioning units with dirty air filters have to work much harder to cool your home. Not only will this cause stress and potential damage to your AC, but you could also be receiving higher energy bills. Treat your AC to air conditioning maintenance in Lone Tree to help detect and prevent other issues. 

Get Your Heating System Ready

Once August starts, summertime quickly starts coming to a close. Even though you have weeks of warm weather left, time will fly by. Whether you’re trying to squeeze in more summer activities and trips or sending the kids back to school, the end of summer and beginning of fall goes by quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be turning on the heat. When you do need to turn the heat on, you want it to work with no problem. However, it’s been months your heating system has been used, and you don’t know what condition it’s in. The worst time to find out anything isn’t working is as soon as you need it, so it’s important to get heating system maintenance before you need to rely on it. 

Give Your HVAC Unit a Break

Towards the end of August, there could be a few cooler days as summer ends. Temperatures at night can especially get more comfortable. As the temperature outside gets cooler, you can stop relying on your AC as much. Rather than keep the air conditioning on all day and night, open some windows and let some fresh air in. You can also do this on nice days during September. Give your HVAC unit a well-deserved break in between when you need the AC and heat on. When you don’t need to keep your HVAC unit running is also a good time to schedule any necessary AC repairs in Castle Pines.

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment 

Maintenance is the best way to help prevent some of the most common HVAC problems. While there are some maintenance tasks you can do yourself, hiring a professional is the best way to care for your HVAC unit. HVAC professionals are trained to spot any issues so they can be taken care of quickly, instead of letting them go unnoticed until the damage is significantly worse. 

Contact Valiant Air today to schedule an appointment for air conditioning maintenance in Boulder or any of the other locations we serve.