For many people, changing air filters is a chore. It’s not surprising that dirty filters are among the most common HVAC problems that Valiant Air Solutions specialists observe. What some people don’t realize, however, is that, while changing filters might feel like a hassle, it’s nothing compared to the hassle of dealing with a malfunctioning AC unit.

Fortunately, this is one chore you don’t have to tackle alone. Air conditioning maintenance in Boulder, CO, and the surrounding areas is always just a phone call away thanks to Valiant Air Solutions. Our experienced HVAC professionals have the tools and know-how to keep your unit in working order, diagnose easy-to-miss issues, repair damaged components, and swap out a broken air conditioner for a newer, better replacement.

What Happens when Good Air Filters Go Bad?

Can something as seemingly minor as an air filter really be that important? Really, what’s the worst that could happen? It’s just a little dirt, isn’t it?

If only that were true. Here are four all too common outcomes of a neglected air filter.

Your Electricity Bills Go Up

To understand why air filters are so important, you have to know how they work. Simply put, air passes through the filters that catch dust and other airborne pollutants. These particles are both unpleasant to breathe and damaging to the inner workings of your AC unit.

The dirtier a filter is, the harder it is for air to pass through it. That means your unit has to work a lot harder to do its job. That necessitates using more electricity. Paying for regular air conditioning maintenance in Lone Tree, CO, might seem like a needless expense, but it can save you a lot of money overall in lower utility bills and improved AC lifespan.

Your Comfort Levels Go Down

It’s one thing for your HVAC system to work harder to do its job, but what about when it has to work harder and still can’t do its job? Maybe higher energy bills won’t bother you, but what good is an air conditioner that barely manages to do what it is intended to do?

The more it strains under the damage that unfiltered pollutants cause, the less useful your AC unit will be. No matter how long you run it, it will never make your home as cool as you want it, and it will never improve the air quality to the degree that it should. That’s reason enough to put “change the air filters” at the top of your HVAC spring cleaning checklist.

Your Air Conditioner Will Break

It’s not a question of “if,” but rather, “when?” A clean air filter is an integral part of any well-functioning AC unit. Even if you eventually change it, letting your unit run with an outdated air filter can do irreversible damage. It all adds up. Sooner or later, your unit will croak.

At Valiant Air Solutions, we’re happy to offer air conditioning replacement in Castle Pines, CO, and the surrounding areas. But we’d rather you save by having us perform regular maintenance than resort to a complete replacement due to neglect. Take care of your HVAC system, and it will take care of you.

Your Health Is in Danger

Everyone knows that a functioning AC unit is worth its weight in gold on a hot day. But did you know there are several health benefits of air conditioning, too? It doesn’t just cool the air; it improves its breathability. A unit with an outdated air filter, however, can have the opposite effect.

According to the EPA, indoor air quality is two to five times worse than outdoor air quality. That only gets worse when a poorly maintained AC unit recirculates the same bad air over and over. Potential health issues include headaches, itchy eyes, dizziness, respiratory and heart disease, and even cancer.

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Boulder, CO

A well-maintained HVAC system can be your best friend during a hot summer. A poorly maintained system, meanwhile, is often more of a burden than it’s worth. Valiant Air Solutions knows that air conditioning units aren’t cheap. That’s why we want to help you ensure your best friend never becomes a burden.

Whether you’re looking for installation, maintenance, or repair, Valiant Air Solutions is proud to offer air conditioning maintenance in Boulder, CO, and the nearby areas.

Contact us today to schedule an estimate or to ask any questions about our services!