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When temperatures start to rise, it can feel almost impossible to get through a day without air conditioning. If your home doesn’t have AC, it’s impossible to get any relief from the heat, and you might not feel like you’re able to relax in your own home. Having the AC on can even benefit your health. Your comfort during the summer depends on your AC unit, so if you’re in the market for a new one, this isn’t a decision you should take lightly. Not everyone will benefit from having the same AC unit depending on your home’s needs, so you need to find what’s right.

Fortunately, finding the best AC unit for your home isn’t as challenging as it might seem. Follow this advice if you need new air conditioning. 

Decide What Type of Unit You Need 

The first step in finding a new AC is to narrow down your options to only the type of unit your house needs. Having central AC is ideal, but not possible for everyone. If your home already has central AC ducts, or this is something you want to have installed, you should look into heat pumps. You can also have an AC built into a room without needing ducts by having ductless air conditioners mounted in your walls. If central air isn’t an option for your home or apartment, most people tend to get a unit that can be put in a window. There are also portable AC units that can be kept inside a room if a window unit isn’t possible for your home. Both window units and portable ACs can be removed and kept in storage once summer is over. Depending on the type of air conditioning unit you get, you might require air conditioning installation in Castle Pines.

Energy Efficiency 

Making energy-efficient choices is something we should all be concerned about, especially when it comes to buying appliances. Your air conditioning unit will be on for hours at a time, so how energy efficient it is extremely important. Today, most air conditioners will be energy efficient to an extent, but some are better than others. Energy-efficient appliances are great because they’re better for the environment, but they’re also beneficial for you. By using less energy, you won’t have to pay as much to run your AC all summer, which can save you a lot of money over the years. To ensure that your unit continues to be as efficient as possible, be sure you’re getting air conditioning maintenance in Castle Pines regularly. 

Size of the Room

The size of a room can greatly affect what kind of AC you’ll want. A large room and a small room are going to have very different requirements to maintain a comfortable temperature. How much space an AC can cool in an hour is measured in British Thermal Units, also called BTUs. You should have about 20 BTUs per square foot. If you have a large room and an air conditioning unit that isn’t meant for that size, you could overwork your unit and not even cool the room properly. However, if an AC is too powerful for a room, you could damage it by turning it on and off too frequently. Either way, the wrong size can end up causing damage that requires AC repairs in Castle Pines.

Have Your New AC Professionally Installed

Once you’ve found the right AC, you need the right air conditioning technicians to install it. The professionals at  Valiant Air can make sure your AC is installed properly and provide any other AC services you need in the future. We provide air conditioning installation in Boulder and the surrounding areas and can ensure that you’ll get great service, no matter what AC unit you decide on.

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