Summer means sunshine, clear skies, and high temperatures. It also means finally putting that AC unit to use again after a long winter. Many people leave their AC units off throughout the fall and winter. During that time, moisture and dust can get trapped inside and result in dangerous mold growth.

Valiant Air Solutions is here to help. We offer air conditioning repair in Boulder, CO, and the surrounding areas. Whether we’re making sure your AC unit is clean and functional to keep mold away or replacing an AC whose mold has already gotten out of hand, Valiant Air Solutions will provide whatever services you need.

Why AC Mold Is a Serious Issue

While most people only think of their air conditioner as a means of keeping cool during the hot summer months, the truth is that there are several health benefits of air conditioning. A fully functioning AC unit keeps your air clean and breathable.

Meanwhile, a unit infested with mold can lead to eventual equipment failure while dispersing harmful spores and allergens into the air. In people, those substances can cause sore throats, headaches, respiratory symptoms, and a host of other health issues.

Here’s how you can prevent and clean mold growth in your home’s AC.

Check the Drain Pains & Filters

Cleaning drain pans and filters should always be at the top of your HVAC spring cleaning checklist. Why? When drain pans are not properly cleaned, water isn’t able to drain through and instead accumulates. That gives microbes a place to multiply, leading to the buildup of nasty mold. Similarly, an old air filter is less likely to keep mold spores and other contaminants out of your unit, allowing them to wreak havoc on your AC’s interior. This ultimately compromises both the functionality of the unit and the breathability of your air.

Clear the Air Intakes & Ducts

Air intakes and ducts are two of the most common entry points for contaminants to enter your AC system. It’s essential to keep your unit as free of dust and debris as possible. Be mindful of where your unit’s air intake is located, and try to keep trash cans, animal waste, and standing water away from that area. Once they get inside, contaminants can quickly spread through the ducts. The best way to clean central air ducts is to turn off the power, unscrew the grating, and insert a heavy-duty vacuum hose.

Safely Clean Any Mold Buildup

If you notice the early beginnings of mold buildup while giving your AC a check-up, it’s important to be as safe as possible when cleaning it. That means turning off the power and putting on goggles, a face mask, and gloves. Remove the air conditioner grille and wash it separately, and then use a heavy-duty vacuum to remove dirt and debris. Early mold growth can be washed away with basic household cleaning products, while mold that has spread to nearby wood, plaster, carpet, or upholstery will probably need to be thrown away.

Replace What Can’t Be Repaired

Sadly, no AC system can last forever. In time, there’s only so much you can do on your own to keep your unit clean and functional. Mold can advance rapidly, rendering your AC unsafe for use. In cases like those, Valiant Air is happy to offer air conditioning replacement in Boulder, CO. Still, it is better – and cheaper – to be proactive in preventing mold buildup from getting to that point. In the long run, the cost of regular maintenance is often less expensive than the cost of total replacement.

Air Conditioning Services in Boulder, CO

Keeping your home cool and clean in the summer takes work. Not everyone has the time or the energy to do it themselves. However, a mold-infested AC unit spells bad news for your comfort, wallet, and health. Save yourself a lot of money – and sweat – by scheduling air conditioning maintenance in Boulder, CO, today. Valiant Air Solutions is proud to serve the HVAC needs of Boulder and the surrounding areas.

Don’t let mold ruin your summer! Contact us today to schedule an estimate or ask any questions about our services.