After a long summer of hot temperatures, the first few cooler days late in the season can feel like a huge relief. Finally, you can walk outside without feeling uncomfortably hot. In late August and early September, there will be plenty of nice days that aren’t too hot or cold. Of course, anyone who pays a heat bill knows how quickly temperatures will start to drop once fall starts. You can make the most out of the last few days of summer, but keep in mind that colder temperatures are just around the corner.

Be ready for cold weather before it even starts by taking care of your HVAC unit to avoid common residential and commercial HVAC issues. Here are the top September HVAC tips that you need to do. 

Change Your AC Filter

At the start of summer, you might have gotten air conditioning maintenance in Boulder to get ready for the season. It’s a great practice to prep your unit before you’re going to be using it heavily. This is something you should also do after you’ve been using it for a while. If you haven’t done this recently, now is the time to clean your air filters. After running your AC all summer, these can trap a lot of dirt that can cause serious problems. You won’t be using your air conditioning much longer, so now is a great time to do this. 

Clean the Outside Unit

You’ve likely spent the whole summer maintaining your yard, but an outside HVAC unit can be easy to forget. Weeds and yard waste can quickly accumulate around your unit. Once leaves start to change, you could end up with a pile of leaves surrounding it as well. This can cause problems and be a safety hazard for your HVAC unit, but piles of yard waste can also draw in bugs. If you’ve been neglecting the space around your unit, take some time to clean it out. 

Adjust Your Thermostat

As the temperature outside changes, the temperature inside your home will also change. When September starts, you won’t need your AC on nearly as often. It will take much less to cool your house, so be sure to adjust to this as the weather changes. On some days, you might not even need the AC on at all if you can open the windows and let some cooler air in. During early fall, you’ll have plenty of days where the morning and night will be fairly cold, while the daytime will still be hot, so you should also account for this.  

Get Professional HVAC Help

Before you actually need your furnace, you need to make sure it’s in good condition. You don’t want to wait for the first really cold day to find out your heat kicks on. To be sure that everything is working properly, you need to get professional help. Valiant Air can send a professional to come and check on your HVAC unit so you can feel confident heating your home when the temperature drops. We can take care of any HVAC needs you have, including air conditioning maintenance in Lone Tree.

Find out if you have some of the most common home furnace problems to get them treated quickly with Valiant Air. Contact us today to learn more.