hvac maintenance

When you need them most, your air conditioner and furnace act as your shield. Protecting you from bitter and humid temperatures, you need them to be in top shape during the summer and winter months. However, if they are on their last legs and might not last the whole season, it may be time for replacements. The spring is perfect to make these decisions, as it is a slower time for HVAC technicians. You could take care of both units in one fell swoop. 

At Valiant Air Solutions, your comfort is our concern. You need to be able to walk inside and be welcomed by a fresh gust of cool air in the summer. While in the winter, your home should be your warm escape from freezing temperatures. Valiant Air has been in business for decades and recognizes that it can become expensive to purchase a new heating and cooling system. You want to be sure you are making the right choice. 

Why You Should Replace Both Units at Once

Furnaces and air conditioning units go hand in hand, as their components work together to provide ultimate comfort. Essentially, this means the failure of one system can affect the reliability of the other, which is why it is often recommended to buy new units around the same time. You reap more benefits, helping you to avoid breakdowns throughout the year. 

1.) Units Work Together Cohesively

Matching your air conditioner and furnace and installing them simultaneously can prevent your systems from wearing prematurely. Units that are incompatible will not work together as easily and are at an increased risk of malfunction. Mixing a younger furnace with an aging air unit could cause issues with efficiency. Further, you can also use many of the same parts to connect both your air conditioner and furnace, which are both essential to the operations of your systems. 

 2.) Fewer Repairs

According to HVAC experts, furnaces can last between 15 to 20 years, while air conditioners tend to last 10 to 15 years. If they do reach these ages, they sometimes require several repairs, making the expenses add up. With newer systems, they are less worn and typically, won’t need as much attention. The older the unit, the more likely it is to build up with dust and debris as well, which could potentially disrupt the airflow of your HVAC systems and harm your indoor air quality

3.) Save on Utility Bills

By bundling your units, it reduces the costs of your utility bills. It’s not uncommon with more elderly heating and cooling systems to escalate your expenses. Fluctuating thermostats can even cause the heat or air to rise unexpectedly for extended periods, which can affect your bill.  By upgrading your units, they are going to be more efficient, and they can decrease your energy usage.

Quality Cooling and Heating Services

In the long run, installing your air conditioning and furnace at the same time can save you time and money. It increases the likelihood that your units won’t quit on you well before they are ready. Consult with our American Standard HVAC dealers at Valiant Air Solutions to ensure you receive safe and proper cooling and heating system replacements. Our technicians have the expertise to provide you with estimates to help you make your decision. 

Reach out to us today at Valiant Air for additional information regarding our air conditioning and furnace replacement services!