Your heating and cooling systems in your home are high priorities. All year-round, they need to be in tip-top shape. You don’t want either system to have poor performance because of how essential they are to survive the summer and winter months. To ensure they maintain their strength, one way to do so is by cleaning your central air ducts. Over time, your vents can become filled with dust and debris. Cleaning them may be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be with the right expertise. 

Thankfully, this is where an HVAC company like Valiant Air Solutions steps in. Our professionals can provide assistance with cleaning your air ducts. If you have never done it before, let our services take care of it for you. You will be amazed by how easy and accommodating our technicians are to work with. With our customers’ comfort in mind, nothing makes us more thrilled than ensuring that they are left satisfied. 

How to Clear Central Air Ducts From Debris

Prepared to clean your air ducts, Valiant Air Solutions has the skills and knowledge so you can get the most out of your heating and cooling systems. Within moments, you are about to become aware of the tactics to help them become dirt-free. 

1.) Come Prepared with the Right Materials

Our technicians are well-groomed in the tools needed to take on any project. But, if you find yourself to be handy, here is a simple first move to begin cleaning your air ducts. Some tools that are helpful are a screwdriver, vacuum, broom, and cleaning brush. These are all the things you need to get rid of the hair, dust, and mold out of the ducts. 

2.) Turn Off Power & Unscrew Grilles

Before doing any cleaning, you should first turn off the power that is connected to the heating and air conditioning systems. This will ensure both you and the technician’s safety. Then, to begin removing the contaminants, unscrew the covers or grilles and take a brush covered in soap and water to dust off the grime. 

3.) Find a Strong & Sturdy Vacuum 

Next, insert a heavy-duty vacuum rather into the central air ducts. Remember, try not to use your standard household vacuum because it won’t be powerful enough to reach every crevice, where dust may be hiding. It also should have a long hose, which will allow it to dive deeply into the ducts. This is crucial, as there may be mold and mildew lurking in corners, growing inside the air vents. If you require any assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out for expert help. 

5.) Clean Ceiling Grilles

Finally, make sure you cleanse the ceiling grilles as well. You can use a broom or even a vacuum to remove the dust. Don’t forget to wear a dust mask to protect yourself from any falling debris too. This will ensure that you won’t accidentally breathe in any of the contaminants, especially if you haven’t cleaned them in a long time. 

Qualified HVAC Professionals 

By entrusting Valiant Air Solutions, no longer will you have to worry about your heating or cooling system getting backed-up by debris in the air ducts. Not to mention, cleaning them out will help to lower the costs of your heating and cooling bills. You can rest assured that with our services you will be taken care of with ease. 

In need of our expertise? Reach out to Valiant Air Solutions today for quality American Standard HVAC professionals!