HVAC spring cleaning

Once the weather starts getting warmer, you’re ready to go through your entire home and clean everything in sight. Whether it’s getting rid of all your old clothing, deep cleaning the carpets, or doing some dusting, most people do some type of spring cleaning. This is the perfect time to freshen everything up after a long winter. You might have a lot on your list to clean, but what about your HVAC system?

Keeping your HVAC unit clean is essential to keep it running properly and to keep the air in your home clean. Follow these tips and find AC services in Aurora to get your HVAC unit ready for spring. 

Change Your Air Filters

Your air filters need to be cleared away more often than you might realize. For some air filters, it’s as often as once a month. If you go to turn the AC on in the summer, the last thing you want is to have unclean air blowing out and end up needing an air conditioning service in Aurora. During your spring cleaning, you should replace the old air filters on your unit with new ones. Even the best filters can only last you around six months, so you should always be aware of when they need to be changed. If you can’t remember when the last time you swapped them out was, now’s the time. 

Run Your HVAC System 

After some mild weather in late winter, it might have been a while since you’ve used heat, not to mention months since you’ve had to use the air conditioning. Before you do anything else, you should be sure that nothing noticeable is off with your HVAC system. Doing this ahead of time can help make sure you catch any potential problems before you actually need to start relying on the AC. This will give you plenty of time to call an AC repair company to get any repair services it might need before the weather changes. 

Clean Around Your Unit

Outside work is a major part of spring cleaning for many people. While you’re getting everything together inside, be sure you clean the space around your unit outside. If it’s been warm enough, you might already have some grass around that needs to be cut. Likewise, you might see some weeds popping up that need treatment. You might also have some leaves on the ground around your unit that need to be raked up. Now is a great time to make sure all of this is cleared away. If the unit itself looks dirty, you can simply rinse it down gently with your garden hose. You should especially clean up around your unit before contacting an HVAC service in Aurora

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment 

Sometimes, your HVAC unit needs more for proper care than you’re able to do. Because of this, it’s important that you get annual maintenance for your HVAC unit. They can clean the ducts of your HVAC unit and perform precautionary checks to make sure everything is in order. By doing this, you can help keep your HVAC unit running longer and more efficiently. Everyone should get annual maintenance for their HVAC unit and getting Valiant repairs during your yearly spring cleaning is an easy way to make sure it gets done each year.