Colorado experiences summer high temperatures in the upper 80s and winter lows in the 20s and even colder. People tend to think about their home’s heating system only in the winter and their air conditioning only in summer. But, as we’ve seen many times, it will always do you well to ensure you’re getting proper maintenance for your heating and cooling before the respective season actually begins.

Feeling cold is never fun. Imagine if your home’s furnace suddenly malfunctioned in the middle of January, and you start seeing your breath in your living room. Your furnace breaking down would obviously make you feel highly uncomfortable, but it could also indicate further problems with your home’s heating system, including:

  • The possibility that your furnace could release the poisonous gas carbon monoxide
  • The fact that a defective furnace will use more energy, increasing your heating bills
  • The danger of your home’s water pipes bursting from cold exposure

Annual Heating and Furnace Maintenance

For all of these reasons, it’s of the utmost importance for you to have your furnace serviced once a year by HVAC professionals. If any readers out there worry about the costs of having this done annually, trust us when we say that yearly maintenance will be much more efficient in the long run than calling in the professionals when a furnace actually fails. Additionally, you’ll be able to see from our itemized bills to you that each part of your furnace maintenance fee is reasonable and truly designed to save you money on major fixes down the road.

At Valiant Air, we’re proud of our service record of delivering long-term, high-quality solutions to all of your furnace maintenance needs. We’ll thoroughly inspect your furnace for any and all defects and repair them all for the long term. You’ll know that when a Valiant Air technician leaves your home, your furnace is well prepared to warm your home and family for the long winter ahead and that no larger heating problems are on the horizon. We’ve said it elsewhere: at Valiant Air, we treat HVAC problems, not just symptoms.

If you require annual furnace maintenance or air conditioning repair in Centennial, CO, call Valiant Air at (720) 513-2076, or get in touch with us using our simple contact form. Our personable and knowledgeable technicians will set up an appointment to inspect and repair any issues with your heating and cooling systems. For true HVAC solutions, trust no one but Valiant Air.