When winter comes knocking, no one wants to take on the brutal weather without a working furnace. Certainly, you want to be able to cuddle up in front of the TV with your family after a long day of work and not worry about whether your furnace is doing its job. This is a major concern in Colorado, as you never know when the weather is going to drop below freezing. You would like to enter your house and feel that warm blast of air right when you walk in, rather than the chilly outdoors.

If you have an older heating system and are worried that your furnace may be on its last leg, you should look into getting it serviced so you can get the most out of it. Your furnace must always be your shield against the frigidness of winter, and getting regular furnace maintenance is your best bet for ensuring that happens.

Guidelines for Maintaining Your Heating Unit and Furnace 

At Valiant Air, we take pride in helping our customers maintain their heating systems to protect themselves from the bitter cold. Here are some guidelines for taking care of your furnace maintenance in Englewood, CO.


  • Annual maintenance is encouraged. This includes a thorough examination and cleaning of the parts that are more likely to malfunction. It’s common for a furnace to require more repairs when it isn’t serviced regularly, so be sure you stay up to date with your furnace maintenance.
  • Take preventive measures to keep your furnace in tip-top shape. A typical heater has a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years. To keep it running, you should clean out the air filter, as, over time, it can become filled with dust and debris. When dirt builds up on the parts and airflow is obstructed, moisture starts appearing and can cause parts to rust. 
  • If you can’t take care of it yourself, contact a technician. No one wants to pay more than they should for home appliance maintenance. As we’ve mentioned, taking preventive measures with your furnace will always help, since getting regular maintenance can preclude you needing an expensive replacement later. However, we don’t recommend you try to perform those little fixes yourself. You should always contact a professional for the sometimes complex issues that can arise in a furnace.


Reliable Heating and Furnace Maintenance in Englewood, CO

Here at Valiant Air, we recognize the significant role your furnace plays in your life. Our technicians truly are the experts at what they do and will always come prepared with the necessary tools to take care of any issue that may arise. We know how to service your furnace properly and will always provide you with a breakdown of the details.

If you need heating and air repair in Englewood, CO, contact us at (720) 513-2076. Schedule an appointment today for your furnace’s regular maintenance to ensure you’re protected from the brutal temperatures of a Colorado winter.