If you’re pursuing a fall home renovation in the form of a finished basement or building an entire new room, you’ve probably been faced with the question of: how should I get heat in there. Even if you’re not renovating, you might just be looking at the prospect of a broken heater that your landlord won’t fix, or other scenarios that lead you to ask that same question. Most folks would urge you to avoid rerouting your HVAC, but it’s probably the most expensive route you could take. This upgrade can turn a room renovation into a nightmare scenario full of hunting down the proper contractors and struggling to find the best price point for your budget. You’ll need to break through the ceiling and the walls and then allow for all of that renovation dust and clean-up. But what about that other widely recommended solution? The electric heater that you can find on Amazon for anywhere between $100 to $200? At Valiant Air, we take pains to ensure that your research for a new heating replacement doesn’t need to include multiple reviews and reading through tons of jargon-filled articles. So we’ve cut our opinion of the electric heater down to a more manageable size for your sake:

Better Than Space Heaters

Electric wall heaters are not unlike a humidity based AC unit that you plug in, but they’re also quite similar to a little space heater. You’re probably familiar with them, they’re the little heater you can take from chilly room to chilly room to provide a little heat. The heat power electric wall heaters provide is very similar to these space heaters, but there’s one major difference: you can’t relocate your wall heater. They aren’t, necessarily speaking, “plugins” because they don’t plug directly into your wall outlet. They’ll need to be hardwired into your walls. Usually, they’ll come equipped with a little thermostat on the front and they’ll require around 120V or 240V power.

You’ll Need a Few

Rather than just investing in the one heating unit or even the one space heater that you can carry around with you, you’ll need to get a couple of wall-mounted heating units. While most do come with a thermostat attached to the front of the unit, you will be able to find models that come with a detached thermostat that can control all of your wall-mounted electric heaters. If you live in a home with an open floor plan, you might only need the one space heater in a room. These are best suited to lofts and small apartment spaces, rather than homes with many rooms because you’ll need an electrical heater in each room. This can, however, be nice, especially if you share a house with roommates. Everyone can control the temperature of their individual rooms, at least to a certain extent.

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