Rising energy costs are unfortunately a nasty trend in Colorado. While Northern Colorado is feeling it the worst, there are still price hikes for high populations of people as folks come pouring from California in droves to crowd into apartments and purchase real estate to turn it into Airbnb rentals. As energy rates climb, it gets more and more expensive to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during the cold, blistering winters that Aurora and our surrounding areas are known for. Instead of turning up the thermostat and dealing with the higher energy bill, they’re turning to more unorthodox methods, like an electric portable infrared heater. Zone heaters have become a very in-vogue way of keeping your heat up in the winter for those areas that you use the most and need to be warm and comfortable. This allows you to turn down the thermostat so you’ll see an overall decrease in energy use on a per month basis. Infrared heaters themselves are famously low energy spot heaters that could be the part of this lower-energy-lifestyle equation that’s missing. But is it the right answer for keeping your house warm and comfortable? Your most reliable HVAC technician in Aurora is here to weigh in.

Latent Heating

The term latent heating is usually referring to water. But really, it can be used to describe any item in a room. The idea is similar to popping your favorite pair of fuzzy socks into the dryer to warm them up and then putting them on your feet to keep those tootsies toasty during the colder months. Essentially, if you warm an object up before trying to warm up an entire room, that object will be assisting you with warming the rest of the room as well. For a time, it’ll be putting off a heat of its own and keeping that corner of the room temperature regulated in its own right. That’s how infrared heaters work. They warm objects rather than an entire room, making the components of the area the heater, rather than a small vent. This keeps the space feeling more comfortable for a longer amount of time. These work especially good in rooms with quite a bit of furniture or furniture that is rather large and dense. Large, plush chairs and ottomans, for example, are excellent conductors of that infrared heat.

Portable Convenience

If you’re looking to keep the living room warm first but then you relocate to your study, the infrared heater can come with you. It only requires a standard electrical outlet and then it starts to work it’s magic and beat back the cold seeping in through all of the cracks in the frames of your windows and doors.

They’re Pricey

The initial entry price to get this type of heater is higher than other spot heaters. They include something called a “lifelong quartz bulb” that claims to last the life of the heater itself. It makes it a higher initial cost but will save you replacement costs down the road. If you research brands carefully, you can sidestep most of the red flags and higher prices easily enough without jumping through too many hoops. You should note though that if you purchase a 1500 watt heater, it’s best to give that its own plug. GIving it a dedicated plug-in protects you from a plug or the heater shorting out and any other potentially disastrous electrical issues.

A Collection of Cons

Infrared heating is a proven way of heating but an individual heater’s effectiveness might be questionable. Shop reviews, both customer and commercial if you can before committing to any certain model. Also, be aware that some refund policies aren’t entirely honest. Some of those refund and return policies are pro-rated. Additionally, some infrared heaters will claim “50 percent energy savings,” which simply isn’t back by much empirical data. You may see a decrease in your energy bill but that only comes with diligently moving the infrared heater around with you and allowing it to adjust the heat in the room gradually. Some are more stylish than others and blend in with a variety of decor well enough, but most are bulky, hard to move around and are a generally unattractive addition to any home.

Contact Valiant Air for Heating Advice or Repair

If you’re hoping that you can bypass repairing your heater that’s not performing as well as it once did with an infrared heater that’s just not the case. Leaving the oven open after cooking food won’t sufficiently heat your whole house and neither will an infrared portable heater. If you need assistance exploring heating options that will bring down your energy usage while keeping your home warm and toasty throughout the winter, reach out to Valiant Air. We’re happy to help the people of Aurora explore alternative heating options as well as repair and replace their current heating units.