When folks start inching into the oppressive and stifling nature of winter, pretty much everyone’s initial reaction is to start pumping energy into that heating unit. The warmer the house feels, the less unbearable it is when you go outside and suddenly you can’t feel your hands. It’s pleasant, knowing that your heater is busy buzzing away at home, keeping your burrow nice and toasty like the little haven from the cold that it is. But then the energy bill starts to wrack up and the heater starts rattling and making some very concerning noises. It can be easy to start doubting that this is a solution you can follow through on throughout the next two seasons, or at least until mid-March if you’re lucky. So, what can you do to combat the climbing figures on your utility bill and to get that heater in better shape before it tries to kick the dust? We have a few suggestions:

Invest in Insulation

Upgrading your insulation might come with a price tag comparable to buying a new heater, but there are reasons why your insulation matters. If you have vents near windows and you feel you’re lacking in the proper equipment to keep the heat in, a great heater won’t go super far in keeping the mass amounts of heat it’s producing for you. The Department of Energy has an easy plugin where you can pop onto their site, plug in your zip code and find out how much insulation your home needs. It’ll tell you how folks in your neighborhood fare in comparison to your own usage and help you determine what investment you should make to increase your winter and fall comfort.

Schedule an Energy Audit

If you’re still guessing at whether or not your energy use could be altered and your house could stay warmer, you might consider checking out an energy audit. Energy audits are mostly used for estimating how to become greener, but in this scenario, greener means spending less money and less energy heating your home. The audit will pinpoint where the efficiency of your home could be improved and help you analyze where you can make improvements to help that heating bill seem not quite as significant. If you’re considering investing in either a heating unit replacement or insulation additions, this audit will help you carefully identify what you’re most in need of. In some cases, a high-efficiency heating unit is enough to make the difference in your house for both the bill and the state of the constant temperature.

Avoid Lighting The Fireplace and Rearrange the Furniture

Before the winter gets into full swing, you might consider rearranging the furniture so that it’s not blocking any of your vents. This can make your thermostat and your heater work harder than they need to and wear out faster. If you’re in the practice of lighting the fireplace while your heater is running, you’re allowing it to work less hard and then catch back up when you put the fire out. That includes all of the hot air that’s escaping from the damper. So close the damper on your fireplace and don’t let the heat escape so your heater isn’t working overtime.

Contact Valiant Air in Centennial

When you’re ready to improve your heating situation, reach out to us. We’re equipped with a wide array of knowledge for different kinds of heaters and what your heater needs to increase its longevity. Whether it’s a mere heating repair to get it through the last years of its life or if it’s a high-efficiency heating replacement, we’re here to help. Contact us before the winter gets in full swing and leaves you unprepared for the cold weather months in Centennial.