Furnaces are just a thing your house comes with. You don’t think much about it until it breaks or your energy bill goes up and you start looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption. Only then do you start to notice the various thing plugged into your electrical sockets that are making that little dial on your bill push upward. So what is a modulating furnace and what can it do to that energy bill that seems to just keep climbing despite your best efforts? Your heating system experts are here to weigh in on the facts and help you make an educated decision about your heating upgrades.

There Are Two Types of Gas Furnaces

There are modulating and single or double stage furnaces. The single stage is the kind that you’re most likely very familiar with. This furnace is either on or off and there is no in between. When it’s on, it means it blowing at its hottest flame setting. It’s like driving a car that can either be stopped or at maximum speed, there is no meandering 20 mph and no middle ground 40 mph, you’d always be going as fast as possible. A double stage furnace is more closely related to a single stage in that it only has an on and an offsetting but, it does have on middle setting that allows for slightly less energy to be gobbled up in heating your home. Modulating furnaces are obviously the answer to finding multiple heating settings intelligently.

Modulating Furnaces

The rumors are true, they’re much more energy efficient than single or double stage furnaces because they work in increments. THey’re actually designed to be able to keep the temperature of your home within one to two degrees of what you have it set to. The running flame that’s heating the home runs at smaller, finer increments to achieve granular control and, therefore, use less energy when it’s not needed.

Cons of A Modulating Furnace Replacement

It’s true, you’ll have more control and it’ll be less money to run but there always cons when you’re changing the way you’re used to things currently. This sort of furnace runs more frequently and so you’ll hear it running more often. For this reason, most people who switch to this type of furnace report that it’s a louder model. It’s not, you’re just noticing it more because it’s running much more often to keep you comfortable and to prevent the temperature falling so that it has to work to bring it back up to the baseline again. With more control, comes a higher price range. Because these are arguably the best furnace available on the market currently, they’re more expensive. However, like with any noticeable upgrade, it’ll actually improve the value of your home.

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