Since the rise of Pinterest, the DIY scene has taken the world by storm. If you’re into refurbishing your dresser with a little paint and some sandpaper, that’s great, but some DIY solutions should not be tested. With the cold and sometimes brutal snowy winters that Colorado and, specifically Denver get, DIYing your own heating system in your apartment or home is a patently bad idea. We don’t want you to freeze in the winter, so we’ve compiled a list of “heating solutions” that would be better avoided when you can just get a real heater from Valiant Air, the premier HVAC service in the Denver area. All of the items on our coordinated list are generally pretty ineffective, but they also have the ability to potentially damage your home and some of the many moving parts that it consists of.

Using The Oven For Heating

Above all the other things that an oven can do, it mostly works best for its intended purpose: heating food. Lots of folks have a misconception about the “myriad” abilities that the oven has. Yes, it’s true that if you use the oven in the summer, it will probably warm up your home, but not enough to consider it an actual heat source for your house.  Apart from risking potentially leaving the oven on when you leave the house, there’s also the possibility of burning yourself. You’ll probably forget that you left the stove top on, or your cat might try and put their delicate little paws on the open oven door. Avoid paying the vet, and just pay for heating your house instead. Not concerned about burning yourself? Think about COz poisoning. If you have a gas oven and don’t use it properly, you might have those carbon monoxide meters going off in your house for seemingly no reason. In addition to all of the rather serious self-harming risks. There’s also the fact that the oven is really only good at heating itself up. If you plan on camping out on your kitchen floor by the oven you might stay warm but past that, you’ll be hard pressed to use it as an effective heating element. The oven isn’t equipped with something to push the hot hair around the house and sufficiently warm the area. We don’t recommend it.

Using Hot Water

Humidity isn’t always warm. We know it’s hard to know what humidity is like, being in dry Colorado, but if you’ve ever been to New York in the winter, you’d know the humidity basically makes any temperature feel brutal. Many people think that if you have a problem with your heater, but not your hot water heater, you can just turn the shower on and it’ll warm the house miraculously. In this scenario, you’re only going to be warming up your bathroom and maybe the area just before the bathroom, not your bedroom where you’ll be freezing at night.  Plus, water has a way of breeding mold and mildew which will start to show up on the walls of your home.

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