What’s The Right Kind of Air Filter For Your Home?

The answer is: It depends. There are a number of mitigating factors that determine which filter works best, including a home’s layout, your own potential health issues, and budget constraints. Do a little research and you’ll learn that there are a litany of choices out there. It can be tough to know what the smart decision for your HVAC unit is. 

Instead of stressing about making the wrong choice, contact the professional HVAC technicians at Valiant Air. We’ll design a ventilation and filtration system that fits your needs.

Air Filter Credentials

When you’re choosing a household air filter, you want to keep the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) in mind. Rating filters from one to 16, a filter’s MERV determines how well it traps contaminants. A higher-rated MERV filter allows less unfiltered air through, but it also forces your heating and cooling systems to work harder and cost you more money. As such, a variety of details come into play when you’re trying to navigate what will suit your home’s needs the best. You’ll find a variety of filters in you research that typically consist of fiberglass, washable synthetics, and other substances. Depending on the variables altering your indoor air quality currently, one type of air filter might serve you better than another type. Our HVAC technicians will be able to offer calculated and comprehensive adivce based off of the state of your HVAC unit and indoor air quality to aid your decision. 

If you’re looking to eradicate pollutants, create a healthier living environment, or make life easier for someone with nasty allergies or persistent asthma, we can help. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us online or by phone today.